Board Members

Robert Blake, Treasurer

Mortgage Lending Manager

Needham, MA

Laura Conway

Human Resources Director

Newton, MA

Taran Grigsby

General Counsel

Boston, MA

Susan Keller

Residential Real Estate

Medford, MA

Phyllis Menken

Attorney, Private

Charlestown, MA

Deirdre Pierce

Travel Services

Jamaica Plain, MA

Daniel Nakamoto

Mental Health Association Director

Lowell, MA


Geraldine Robinson

Education and Family Learning

Dorchester, MA

Ronda Rockett

Family Physician

Wellesley, MA

Karla Wallace, Chair

Administration and Finance

Dorchester, MA

Kenneth Willis, Clerk

Banking, Real Estate

Stoughton, MA

Sharon Shay Workman, Founder & President Emeritus

Cedar, MI