Hardiman Park Playgroup

Playgroups in the Park are summer playgroups held in the local parks.  Playgroup leaders bring toys (playdough, puzzles, balls, hula hoops, chalk, bubbles) for all to play with. These playgroups are geared towards ages 1 to 5 years old, however, families with older siblings home from elementary school are welcome to join in the fun.  Many parks also have a water sprinkler, so be prepared to cool off. Each playgroup ends with a circle time songs and parachute games.

Bring your sunscreen, hats and a snack and come meet some neighbors. 

This Playgroup will run from July 15 through August 22. 

For more information, contact  Juan-Carlos Ferrufino: 857-220-2642. 

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Hardiman Playgroup: 380 Faneuil St, Brighton, MA

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Start Time: 

10:30 am

End Time: 

12:00 pm



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