Developing Nurturing Families & Communities Basic Skills

Nurturing can be learned, but it has to be experienced.  This is true whether you are a parent in a program or a facilitator leading a program.  At this intensive, 3-day training you will begin to build the skills you need to become a Nurturing Program facilitator. 

The first goal of the Basic Skills training is to develop an understanding of the Nurturing Philosophy and the theory of how people can change - through a combination of cognitive and affective learning and through much repetition.  You will learn the research that led to the development of the program, the constructs that are the basis for the program, and how to implement and facilitate a program.  You will replicate the experience of participating in a Nurturing Program yourself, and you will learn how to draw out and involve parents, support families and focus on their strengths, and set limits.  For all these reasons, it is necessary to commit to all three days of the training

This training is the first step to becoming a facilitator in a Nurturing Team.  The next step will be to join a team and to prepare together to implement a program, which will include a Team Orientation.

To find out when the next training will be offered, see our Nurturing Program Training Calendar.  For questions about training, contact Sue Parker.