Teen & Parent Nurturing Program

Teens and their parents experience tumultuous changes during the period of adolescence and often need support in managing conflict in a healthy and safe environment.  This program focuses on discipline with dignity, communicating - even disagreeing - with respect, hearing and validating each other's feelings, giving room for growth and independence, and developing responsible decision making.  

The Teen and Parent Nurturing Program is designed for adolescents and their parents to take together.  Typically, weekly sessions begin with participants separated by role (parents/children), and then they meet together. There are at least two trained facilitators leading each group, where Nurturing Program topics of communication, family rules and roles, and empathy are discussed. 

Teens attending the Nurturing Program with their parents learn the value of negotiation  and compromise; to make good choices regarding peer group pressure and the use of drugs, alcohol, and sex; to behave in ways that enhance their self-worth; to develop a healthy set of morals and values; to understand the development and functioning of their brain; and to work with their parents in being a valued member of their family while they use their teens years to enhance their autonomy and independence.

As with all Nurturing Programs, a family meal and transportation is provided, and childcare is available for younger siblings.  The program culminates with a special graduation ceremony to which guests are invited.

Please contact Sue Parker with any questions or for information on the next program.