Roslindale/Hyde Park Family Support Network

Roslindale/Hyde Park Family Support Network

Roslindale Family Support Network has many resources to support families with young children, including:

  • Adult-Child Playgroups (for those led by FNC, click here)
  • Parenting programs, workshops, support groups, and activities
  • Early literacy programs
  • Home visiting programs, including Welcome Baby and the Parent-Child Home Program 

The Roslindale/Hyde Park Family Support Network helps to connect families to these resources, and to develop more culturally-appropriate resources and programs that benefit children ages 0-5 and their families.  We bring the entire neighborhood together to support young children, with the goal that every parent and caregiver have the skills and knowledge they need to be leaders in their children's learning and development. 

 Our Team Includes

  • Families (parents, grandparents, and other informal caregivers)
  • Early education and care providers
  • Healthcare and human service providers
  • City services and businesses

 There are many ways that you can get involved.  As a caring community member or service provider, you can:

  • Share information with others about the services available to families with young children. 
  • Integrate early childhood information into your program. We can provide you with materials and help!

For more info, contact Maxine Hall at 857-220-2643. 

Roslindale/Hyde Park Family Support Network collaborating organizations (see website links at Community Partners):

ABCD South Side, Head Start, BFEN, Roslindale Medical & Denntal Center, Roslindale WIC, Cradles To Crayons, BHA - Fairmount Housing, ABCD ESOL group, Casserly House