Staff Directory

First Name Last Namesort descending Title Email Address Phone
Matthew LiPuma Executive Director 617-474-1143 x239
John ONeil Nurturing Fathers' Program Director 617-474-1143 x251
Sue Parker Director of Nurturing Programs and Training 617-474-1143 x236
Yvonne Pinson Roslindale Playgroup Coordinator 617-474-1143 x453
Tara Register Dorchester CARES Coalition Coordinator 617-474-1143 x263
Remetrious Rogers Patch Coordinator 617-474-1143 x328
Sandy Sachs Child Development Specialist 617-474-1143 x227
Sylvia Toruno Early Childhood Specialist - Dorchester and Allston-Brighton 617-474-1143 x252
Dianna Wayne Program Assistant - Roslindale 617-474-1143 x452