Family and Training Center

Welcome to Family Nurturing Center’s headquarters.

The 12,800 square foot Family and Training Center at 200 Bowdoin Street in the Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood of Dorchester is the central hub for our work in Bowdoin-Geneva, Boston, and the Commonwealth.

The features of our facility (opened in January, 2020) include:

  • A large welcoming entrance and reception area
  • A dedicated indoor Play Space for families with young children
  • A large, flexible meeting space to accommodate 50-70 people for Nurturing
  • Parenting Programs, trainings, and community meetings
  • A number of rooms to accommodate small groups and classes
  • Open office space to encourage program collaboration and integrated service delivery
  • A full kitchen to support our group-based programs and events
  • Full handicap accessibility on all floors

What does the Family and Training Center mean to the community?

A deeper impact in the Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood. Families can join parent-child playgroups, make connections with other families, participate in nationally-recognized parenting programs, and find the help they need.

Stronger support for families throughout Boston. With an expanded, renovated building, Family Nurturing Center’s staff has a quality home base from which to provide programs in Boston neighborhoods.

Expanded Nurturing Parenting Programs throughout the Commonwealth. Family Nurturing Center is the only organization in Massachusetts recognized to train Nurturing Program facilitators. With the additional space now available, we are be able to host more trainings for non-profits and government agencies from other communities to adopt the Nurturing Parenting model.

Main FNC Address: 
200 Bowdoin Street, Dorchester, MA 02122 (617) 474-1143
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